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My work combines found objects and found textiles with custom digital fabric prints. I navigate the space between past and present, inspired by a sense of nostalgia and reinterpreting memories of childhood. Material exploration is at the core of my process, and I approach materials with childlike curiosity, shedding any preconceived notion of a material or object’s intended purpose. I’m drawn to things that are absurd, ridiculous or surreal, yet enticing. I aim to fight back against the monotony of ready to wear, pushing the boundaries of what we see as “wearable.” I strive to contribute loud and lively clothing into everyone’s day-to-day wardrobe, providing youthful and vibrant clothes to people from all backgrounds and identities- all who share a love for play. 


Growing up in rural Connecticut with no sewing machine, I turned to hot glue and a needle and thread to craft clothing from objects. I held the first of several charity fashion shows at age 12, showcasing garments made from unconventional materials such as doll heads, jump ropes, board games, and other objects I sourced at yard sales and secondhand shops. In my recent work, I’ve been revisiting materials and concepts from my early shows, further developing childhood prototypes into fully realized collections. In primarily focusing on incorporating found and recycled materials, I aim to address issues of waste and sustainability in the apparel industry. 


I want to change the way we look at things, reinterpreting objects into clothing through the use of digital printing and physical material manipulation. I supplement these found materials with digital fabric prints to play on the tension of living in both the physical and digital world. In past projects, I’ve scanned objects like wigs, hair clips, rhinestones, and beads at super high resolution to create larger than life magnifications to print on fabric. I think turning everyday objects into oversized prints stimulates a surreal response in how we view the reality of the world around us and the way we choose to dress. 

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